Projects Get in Touch

CHRISC Rwanda has three key Programs that are fundamental to the organization’s operation and strategic focus:

1. Sports Program:

The program forms the basis of the organization’s operations. It was started with the inception of the organization in January 2009. The program entails daily and weekly sports (Football, volleyball and Frisbee) training sessions, year round league matches, sports tournaments and events.

2. Education (Life Skills and Capacity Building):

As an organization that also focuses with sports for development work, the organization prioritizes the development and capacity growth of youths into leadership (sports leadership, community leadership and organizational leadership). With this program, the organization are able to train youths into Life Skills, Leadership, Sports coaching, Sports refereeing (officiating), Sports management, basics in Project management and addressing social issues such us HIV/AIDS, STI’s and Drugs Abuse, which are all integrated into the Sports program.

3. Culture:

This is an alternative program to the youths and youth leaders who are not talented in sports and are interested into cultural performance and advocacy in supporting the organization’s work. It involves cultural sessions and performances and cultural exchanges.

Currently the Sports and Culture program are also the key entry paths to the organization.

Currently over 2450 youths aged between 10 to 25 years participate and are beneficiaries of CHRISC Rwanda’s Sports and Education programs in Kigali. With over 200 participants involved and are benefiting with the Culture program.

The programs have attracted a total of 67 volunteer youth leaders.