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A Sports and Development Organization for the youths, led and managed by the youths.

“A transformed and actively engaged youths for society development”

CHRISC in Rwanda was started in January 2009, with the focus of youth leadership, sport and development.

CHRISC in Rwanda is located and operates currently in Kigali City.

CHRISC has grown into a Sports and Development Organization in Rwanda, having been registered as YOUTH SPORTS CONTACT by Rwanda Development Board in January 18th 2011. It has given youths the opportunity to lead and manage the program, hence achieving its starting goal of “establishing a youth Sports and Development Organization, led and managed by the youths themselves”

Mission statement

“To enhance youths potential through sports”


Equity – fairness, respect for individuals and their differences
Integrity – honesty and ethical behaviour emphasized at all levels of the organization
Team work – collaborations, participation, shared decision making process within and between management, volunteers and community
Accountability – to each other, donors, partners and the stakeholders
Commitment – to the values of the organization and the needs of the target group.



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