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“To see reformed and active street kids integrated into normal community development initiatives and organizational development programs”


The Street Kids project was initiated by a LNU Intern; Magne Christian Sturoed, who pitied so many idle and drug addicted street boys in Mburabuturo and Karugira localities in Kigali, City of Rwanda. He then decided to start a sports program for them, and football training twice a week was a routine, from November 2009. And with the support of the organization, street kids were reached and fetched from their destinations and engaged into an Educative Sports Program in Kigali. The street kids are on streets, with no housing, and lack of proper guidance, clothing and lack of good food as a result of 1994 Genocide that left many orphans and in poverty situations. They are involved easily into the sports and education program through football, which they like.


To provide street kids with an opportunity to participate in organized sports activities.
To provide street kids with life skills and the opportunity to talk about and discuss challenges that they face in their everyday lives.
To provide street kids positive stimuli and guidance from peers who volunteer in the project.
To give responsibilities to some of the street kids in the project and by so doing so, the project aims at showing street kids that CHRISC Rwanda believes in their capacity to become positive role models for others.
To influence and motivate street kids to work towards positive behavior change, e.g. stop taking drugs, and eventually leave the streets.
To encourage street  kids to go back to school


HIV/AIDS, Drug abuse, Sexual Reproductive Health, Life Skills and Leadership Skills are part of the education components through sports that they are engaged in.

Currently there a total of 63 Street Kids aged between 8 to 30 years in Gikondo, Karugira and Nyamirambo.