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“Provide foundational skills to CHRISC Volunteers and Leaders in Rwanda alongside the Leadership and Organizational Development courses that are compulsory to any recruited volunteer and leader”


CHRISC Rwanda Special Training Project supports the capacity development program that is implemented through the Sports and Education Program in CHRISC Rwanda.

The focus was to educate Rwandan youths in English language, Life Skills and Create awareness on their self esteem. It was a challenge to train volunteers in coaching, refereeing, sports injuries, leadership and organizational development in English, as most of CHRISC presentations are in English, and most Rwandese (especially, the target group who are youths) only knew Kinyarwanda and French.

Also because of the Government directive measures to start with English in 2009, as it fosters towards the integration of East Africa Community.

The project is currently coordinated by Catherine Njeri, who is also the trainer within the project and founder … It was initiated by the language courses…. at a time when English was in high demand in Rwanda, following the governments’ directive measures to change from French into English, January 2009. The coaches and referees are also helped to understand and relate well into Kinyarwanda the technical English languages used in coaching and refereeing education. This has helped in putting CHRISC Rwanda into the map of East Africa regional youth and sports development initiatives.

By the introduction of LNU Youth Exchange program between CHRISC Rwanda, CHRISC Kenya and CHRISC Oslo, Computer training was added as an additional training to the leaders and volunteers in September 2009.
Currently the project trains youth leaders and volunteer leaders in Languages, Special life skills areas, Organizational leadership and development, Project management, Computer skills, Administration and also it coordinates the trainings undertaken in Sports, Education and Culture programs.