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“Improve Girls’ Life skills, Social skills and develop women leaders in Community Sports”


CHRISC Rwanda Urugero Girls Empowerment Project was initiated on 4th March 2009.
The parents were often visited by Organization leaders responsible to convince them to allow their girls participate in Sports program, and at the same time address social issues that are affecting girls in Rwanda.

A baseline research conducted in October 2009 with an aim of deriving indicators that can lead to the empowerment of girls through sports in Rwanda revealed the following social challenges that girls are facing:

Sports is not a girls’ activity in Rwanda according to the culture, young girls are given less opportunities to lead, and participate in community and family development initiatives, they are vulnerable to early sex, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and basic life skills. This is justified by a February 2005 government update which indicates the rise in early practice of sex by young people, occasionally encouraged by family or environment due to financial constrains leading to prostitution, lack of education and skills later causing unemployment and idleness. Despite the government making the education cheap still some cannot afford the education, women being the highest number of people facing the problem more.

Urugero is a Kinyarwanda term extracted from a sentence “Kuba intangarugero ” which means “being an example or a role model to others”.

The project’s Goal is to

“Improve Girls’ Life skills, Social skills and develop women leaders in Community Sports”

. The project has the following objectives to help reach its set Goal:

Provide sporting opportunities for the girls by organizing sports sessions and events for them.

Educate girls on Sexual reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, Life and Leadership skills.
Provide equipment, facilities and technical support to the girls to enhance their growth.

Currently Urugero girls’ project has 63 girls’ football players in the U17 and U13 age categories respectively and 15 volleyball players, who gather 4 times a week to have sports sessions and share information, as they educate each other on life skills and HIV/AIDS, social issues. The sports sessions takes place in 3 different zones; Gikondo, Nyamirambo and Gatenga. Around 40 other girls are part of the project through the culture program and are into organizational leadership as Media personnel, Kicking AIDS Out leaders, Coaches, Referees, Sports Injuries Practitioners and Sports Coordinators.

The gathering in itself, either in Sports or Culture, creates a social impact that helps to deliver life lessons from different talents, abilities and backgrounds that the girls and the leaders have. The sport code used currently is football and volleyball as most of them are talented in football and volleyball.

The project and girls at large are enjoying some success stories, mainly:

 2 of the football coaches are girls; they have been trained by CHRISC Rwanda and are at the same time among the top leaders in the project. There are also 2 volleyball female coaches currently in the organization.

One of the girls is a competent and very capable football referee. MUKABISANGWA Jacquelene is currently a Class 1 Referee in the organization and a Federation referee as well; she has been selected to officiate East Africa Cup in years 2010, 2011 and 2012 editions in Moshi, Tanzania. She emerged the BEST FEMALE REFEREE in 2011 edition of East Africa Cup.

Currently we have key Projects and Sports Technical Leadership departments headed by very competent Girls / Female leaders and they are part and parcel of the Sports and Education Council and the Training and Development Technical team of the organization; namely;

    • UWAMAHORO Eugenie – Urugero Girls Project Coordinator
    • NIYIGENA Zawadi – Media Officer and Urugero Girls Project Asst. Coordinator
    • BIZIMANA Oliver – Sports Injuries and First Aid Officer
    • ISHIMWE Gisele Alier – Kicking AIDS Out Officer
    • MUKABISANGWA Jacquelene – Class 1 Referee and Referees Trainer/instructor

 The project is attracting many girls…. it started with only 17 girls in 2009 (U16 girls team) and now it has 63 girls players categorized as U13 and U17 respectively and 40 and over in other capacities within the organization as Coordinators, Coaches, Referees, Sports Injuries practitioners, Peer leaders and culture participants.

 CHRISC Girls are currently involved in community development initiatives from their localities in Kigali, their potentials are trusted by the leaders and their participation is always sort when development is carried on in the communities.