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“Provide a platform for youths, coaches, referees, sports coordinators, sports injuries practioners & first aiders and peer leaders to practice their skills and learnings in various capacities within the organization. It is through the year round league that youth leaders are identified, recruited and trained into the organization in different capacities”


Started as a pilot project for the organization in March 2009, it has grown into an annual important league across Kigali, and the first one in the history of the country that focuses with youth sports participation with the integration of Life skills, HIV/AIDS and other social issues into it. Every year the league starts in February and ends in October, featuring football league matches in the age categories of U13 and U16, in 4 identified zones in Kigali, Gikondo, Nyamirambo, Kinyinya and Gatenga, hence granting youths, community teams and academy teams access to our sports program in the whole City.

Currently over 49 teams takes part in the league across Kigali.